$100 Well Spent: 5 Useful Home Upgrades That Cost Less Than $100

A Funky Light Fixture 

It might seem like a cool light will cost an arm and a leg, but there are plenty of options available on the market that will instantly add a unique touch to your place. Whether you decide to go mod or classic, a fixture can draw the eye and instantly add interest to a room. 

A Makeshift Curio Cabinet 

In these days of smaller living, many people have to pile their stuff into closets and cabinets in order to make it all fit. Fortunately, a bookcase-cum-cabinet can be an inexpensive purchase and can house a variety of items like books, dishes and appliances for an easy, eclectic look. 

Covering The Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets are often one of the first things to show age in a home, but getting out the can of paint can be a great way to instantly modernize their look. While you'll want to go with a neutral tone that will complement the space, the right color can add instant oomph. 

Re-Upholstering A Chair 

There are pieces of furniture in your home that you may be tired of looking at, but there's an easy way to improve them without buying new: re-upholster! By trying out a new fabric on one of your favorite chairs, you might be surprised by how much it improves the room. 

Paint Does The Trick 

Painting may be one of the least popular renovation tasks there is, but few things are as successful at improving the look of your home as a new coat. Instead of going all out with a bright color, choose a neutral shade that complements the furniture for an instant brightening effect. 

Home renovations may seem like an expensive endeavor, but you can easily improve the look of your home with a new light fixture or a fresh coat of paint. If you're currently doing some upgrades in preparation for selling your home, you may want to contact one of our real estate professionals for more information.

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