4 Tips You Can Use To Boost Your Small Business' Social Media Impact Right Now

As a small business owner, you already know that social media is a powerful part of online marketing. It can drive traffic to your website and substantially increase your small business' revenue. But social media has progressed from predominately typed captions to content-rich visual communication. To make social media a viable part of your marketing strategy, you have to create and share the right visual content.

Here are four tips for using visual content to boost your engagement with the people who want what you sell:

1. Make your visual content easy to find - Use the available tools to make your visual content search-friendly. Use the hashtag feature to include popularly searched keywords for your visual content on Pinterest or Twitter. Write accurate, keyword targeted descriptions to accompany the images you post or share. If you're not sure what keywords your target audience uses, the Google Adwords Keyword Planner can help you find the most widely used search terms for what your small business sells. It's free and offers a fast way to see what keywords will boost your visual content's reach.

2. Create original content - Inspirational graphics and helpful tips rank among the most shared visual content on social media. Create relevant, original graphics that inspire or offer useful tips and include your website link near the bottom of the image. Mix up the types of visual content you share between curating interesting visuals from other sources and posting your original visual content.

3. Plan for the orientation of your images - Think about which social media platform you will use to share an image, and tailor your graphic accordingly. For example, longer graphics and images work well on Pinterest, while a wider image might be better suited for Facebook or Twitter. Using the best proportions for the social media platform you choose increases the chances of your visual content being clicked and shared.

4. Let your target audience inform your choices - It can be easy to forget that social media is "social". You're not just there to convey message in a one-way conversation. You're also there to interact with the people who want what your small business offers. Your target audience provides a wealth of information if you pay attention to what they're sharing, saying and posting. Focus on what visual media your ideal customer is engaging with and use that information as a framework for creating visuals he or she will notice and share.

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. It's important that you leverage your time and marketing efforts in ways that give you the maximum Return on Investment. Improving the quality of your visual content and using the tips above will go a long way in making social media pay off for your small business' bottom line.


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