How To Market Your Small Business on Instagram

As the business world continues to become increasingly digital, social networking platforms like Instagram are on the rise. Gone are the days of handing out old fashion business cards and in its place is a trendy, new, user-engaging social media platform that most small business owners are not taking full advantage of. Businesses can reap a lot of benefit from platforms like Facebook. Whether it's engaging new clientele, promoting a new product, or spreading the word about your company, each business should have an account and know how to use it for marketing and optimization. 

Create a Business Account

Many don't know that Instagram lets you register your account as a business. So instead of taking your personal account and clearing out all the cute photos of your family pet, go ahead and make a new account and register it as a business. The app also allows users to connect their social media accounts. If you already have a following for your company on popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook, linking your new insta is a surefire way to ensure some followers right away. Plus, you can also post about your business profiles on your other social media pages to promote it.

Write An Engaging Bio

One of the best rules of thumb for creating an effective and successful social media presence for business is to utilize all the assets you're given. Believe it or not, the site has some helpful marketing and optimization tool to help spread the word about your business. So, take advantage of features like the business bio on your home page. When customers or curious scrollers click on your profile, the 150-character bio is the first thing they'll see. So, make it descriptive, engaging, and make sure to include a link to your website.

Curate Your Vibe

One of the best ways to market your business is to create a visual style that reflects your brand. Think about what kind of colors you want to associate with your business. If there's already a lot of light, aired colors around your office and website, it would be wise to choose filters that mirror the aesthetic you've already created for your company. Doing this helps to extend your brand and style from real life onto social media so customers can get a feel for your business.

Choose Your Content

It's also wise to decide what kind of content you're going to post. The most successful small businesses market well by posting a mixture of photos, videos and information. It's helpful to post photos of people that work for you or customers that frequent your business, so future customers can get an idea of your current customer base and employees.

Post Instagram Stories

Make sure to also utilize the story feature. It's a bit of a strange concept, as the information you put on your story is only available for 24 hours and the photos or pictures are only on the screen for about ten seconds. However, the story feature is an excellent way to introduce new products, to give customers sneak peaks of shots around the office, or to even host a contest and give away a prize.

Use In-app Metrics

The app's built in metrics are a helpful in-app tool to utilize when you're trying to find the best ways to engage your followers. The more followers you can gain and engage with, the more likely you are to see those followers as customers, repeat customers, and then as satisfied customers that will leave you a positive review, thus increasing the validity and reliability of your small business. The platform analyzes all your data and help you understand what kind of content your followers appreciate the most. The platform's business metrics also show you which days of the week are most successful to post on by measuring which of your followers engaged with a certain post at a specific time.

Hook Up With An Influencer

Influencers certainly aren't a new concept. We can look back at superstar basketball player Michael Jordan in the 90's and see that he hooked up with brands like Gatorade and Nike to sponsor their products. However, instead of finding a celebrity spokesperson for your business these days, it's far easier to hook up with an influencer. These are users with large followings that can help strengthen your business by connecting your products or services to an interested market.

Use The Right Hashtags

Using the right hashtags is an easy and virtually guaranteed successful way to increase the followers for your small business as well as the likes per post. If you want your post to be visible whenever a user searches a specific hashtag, then use that hashtag. The key is using the correct hashtags. Many businesses faulter when they make up their own hashtags and put them at the end of their caption. This is not nearly as effective as doing a little research to find out which hashtags are popular and trending. If you curate your content around popular and highly searched hashtags, your post is far more likely to receive more views and likes, thus helping to spread the word about your business and services.

Creating a Local Appeal Online

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