Work from Home: 14 Jobs and Careers for Remote Work

For many people, working from home was a dream. It was a rare and wondrous thing that only the extremely lucky or ridiculously ambitious could achieve. But thanks to technology and, most recently, the ongoing health crisis that's facing the world, remote work has exploded in popularity.

Working remotely no longer has to be a pie-in-the-sky fantasy, and you don't have to necessarily be an entrepreneur either. There are more businesses now than ever before that are embracing it, both out of efficiency and necessity. Here are but a few ways that you can turn your professional life into one where your commute consists of walking from your bed to your desk.

Customer Service

Customer service jobs, by nature, need to employ many people. In the past, this meant having a huge office with hundreds of desks and computers lined up in cubicles for the employers to do their job.

Technology has enabled many customer service centers to transition to a remote workforce. There are hundreds of companies that hire customer service agents to work from home and field their customer's support issues.

If you're good with people and like talking on the phone, this is a great way to get into a remote position.

Salary: From $10 per hour and up

Tech Support

Like customer service, many companies have transitioned their tech support staff into remote positions. If you're already working in customer service, tech support is a place to strive for, as the work can be even more rewarding in terms of problem-solving and pay.

If tech support is a new venture to you, it helps to have a passion for technology and a desire to help people. With the right mindset, you can get an entry-level remote job in tech support without too much difficulty.

Salary: From $15 per hour and up


Transcription, as a career, has been around for quite a while. But the proliferation of endless hours of online video has increased demand for good transcriptions tenfold.

There are companies, such as, where you can register and start transcribing video and audio right out of the gate.

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, there are remote jobs abound for transcriptionists. If you enjoy typing and can do it pretty quickly, this is a great job to consider.

Salary: From $10 per hour and up

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants, as the name implies, are remote by nature. Thousands of entrepreneurs are out there that run their businesses entirely online, and these people are crazy busy. As such, they need qualified individuals to help them with their day-to-day tasks.

A virtual assistant might do things like managing emails, customer requests, scheduling, or phone work. If you have some technical skills—even better. You might find yourself doing things like helping run an e-commerce website.

A good virtual assistant is responsive, a great communicator, and a quick learner. Adaptability is a key asset too. If this describes you, and you'd enjoy doing a lot of different tasks, consider this popular job.

Salary: From $10 per hour and up

Virtual Recruiter

Being a recruiter remotely pretty much involved the same tasks as if you were doing in person. You locate and screen potential candidates for companies to find the rest person for the position they're filling.

On the job-hunting side, you'll help prospective employees polish their resumes and hone the interview skills so that they can land their dream job.

Working remotely as a recruiter, you could even focus on finding other remote jobs for people.

Salary: Varies

E-commerce Business Owner

If you manage to get some experience as a virtual assistant helping an entrepreneur run their e-commerce store, you might be thinking about starting your own home based business. These days, it's much easier to get started.

Sites like Shopify can help you get started with selling products and services online. The best part is that you don't even need to stock your own products. You can break into something called drop-shipping, where you literally sell another company's goods on your own. This is an excellent way for those that are more business savvy to create a remote lifestyle for themselves.

Salary: Varies


Do you like helping people learn things? Do you have a degree? Well, you're in luck: Online tutoring has exploded in popularity, especially if you're qualified to teach English.

Through sites like Preplyand VIPKID, you can sign up as a tutor where you can teach others your native language. While VIPKID focuses on teach English to foreign students, Preply is more about teaching language in general.

These are great opportunities where you can set your own hours and create the exact kind of life you want to live.

Salary: From $15 per hour and up


If you're a purveyor of the written word, you might want to consider writing online. The only thing the internet has more of than video is written content. And companies need qualified writers to create it for them.

While you can certainly start your own business and pitch to potential clients, there are also opportunities available where you can sign up for website and write in open marketplaces. This gives you the freedom to decide exactly how much you want to work, when you want to where, and from where.

Salary: From $10 per hour and up


If you already have an illustrious career and a wealth of knowledge, you might consider starting your own home based business in consulting. Knowledge is power, and businesses all over the world need knowledgable people to help guide and inform their decisions.

While this can take a little more planning to turn into a remote positions, it's entirely possible. With technologies like Skype and Zoom, it's incredibly easy to collaborate and consult your clients from across the globe.

Salary: Varies

Travel Agent

There are plenty of sites out there that offer automated services for planning and scheduling a trip. But even then, a lot of people just don't have the time to work it out on their own. There's still a healthy market for people that can browse the web for the best deals, create travel itineraries, and make plans for their clients.

If you're organized and love travel, being a virtual travel agent could be an excellent business to start for yourself.

Salary: Varies

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are who make the visuals of everything you see online. Whether it's a company logo, a colorful menu, or an attractive infographic, they all started life in the mind of a designer.

Designers usually work close with tech companies, so there are no shortage of good remote designer jobs out there. If you're the creative type with an eye for color and composition, consider pursuing this vocation for a remote lifestyle.

Salary: From $15 per hour and up

Video Editor

As was mentioned previously, video makes up an enormous amount of content online. Companies everywhere, big and small, need great video editors to help them create compelling video content to capture and entice their viewers.

Perhaps you have your own YouTube channel and you make videos as a hobby. If it's something you're passionate about, consider pursuing a career in video editing.

Salary: Varies

Social Media Manager

Yes, using Facebook is actually a full-time gig.

Social media management is oftentimes a remote job by default. Much of the internet's marketing is done through social media, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Businesses need qualified people to manage their social networks for them and maintain their ad campaigns so that they can stay competitive and bring in new customers.

Salary: From $10 per hour and up

Software Developer

If you have a passion for tech and a penchant for solving problems creatively, you might consider a career in software development. While this career can be challenging, it's one that's extremely rewarding in terms of fulfillment and in compensation. Software developer salaries oftentimes creep into six-figure territory. And like the other jobs, software developers are frequently remote workers.

Salary: From $50,000 annually and up

Parting Words

There are literally hundreds of jobs out there for those looking for a work at home opportunity; this list is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Working from home isn't a professional niche anymore. Given the state of the world, both with health crises and advancing technology, it's quickly becoming the norm. The way people work is changing fast, and companies are adapting to that change.

As more and more businesses begin opening their digital doors to people all over the world, it's imperative that they be able to respond accordingly. This opens up a lot of opportunities for remote positions. It no longer makes sense for a company to have all of their employees in one country or time zone when they have customers across the globe. And this is just the service and support aspect.

For distributed companies that want to hire the best of the best, it doesn't make any sense to limit their employee search to the confines of where they're headquartered. Tearing down the barriers to talent behooves any business that truly wants to make an impact.

If you've always dreamt of working from home, there's no better time than now to pursue it. There are more remote jobs available now than ever before, and for those with remote aspirations, the future is bright.

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