Tucked away in Southwest Montana in a valley between mountain ranges is the surprisingly delightful town of Deer Lodge. Its laid back environment has some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. The town has its own charm and history, but also has a freshness that is inviting and appealing. A little over 3,000 people call this place home. Visitors are attracted to the open meadows, unique shops, and the Elk Ridge Brewing Company. The Clark Fork River also winds its way through town. It's a great place to visit, but it's an even greater place to live.

If you want to experience life in a “real” Western town, Drummond is your place. Its 350 residents are proud of their tight-knit community and welcoming attitude. Driving into town, the stunning backdrop of the Flint Creek Valley and the Garnet Mountains make modern-day stresses melt away. Ranching is still a way of life in Drummond, as you might guess from its motto: “Home of the World-Famous Bullshippers.” The town is small in size but big in hospitality, meaning you'll get a warm welcome, good food, and a place to stay upon arrival. With all the amenities and conveniences one could want, Drummond is sure to please. 

With its contagious attitude of living life to the fullest, Helena MT is certainly one of the most livable cities in the West. Considering all the amenities it offers, it's not surprising that "Queen City" is listed as one of the “Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine. Located at the crossroads of the majestic Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, Helena is one of the most scenic metro areas in the US. Between the craft beer scene, nightlife, great shops and fine dining, there's never a dull moment in Montana's capital city. Helena is home to just over 29,000 residents, which makes it the sixth largest city in Montana by population size. Along with people, the city is also populated by a variety of businesses that draw visitors and create jobs. Walking downtown, I'm always amazed at the amount of activity going on, and I'm constantly reminded of how vibrant the city is. But standing there looking at its modern attractions, it's easy to forget that Montana's capital city has such a rich and distinguished past.

A Brief History Of Helena

Like many towns in the area, Helena was founded during the gold rush. It was officially established as a camp for miners in 1864, and its population quickly swelled. Despite the lack of social media, word still spread rapidly that the area was full of gold. By the mid-1880s, miners extracted over $3 billion in gold! The unprecedented wealth in Helena gave rise to large, ornately decorated Victorian homes, which you can still admire as you're walking through the city's neighborhoods today.

Along with distinguished residences, grand hotels and luxurious inns started to spring up as the city's wealth grew. In the late 1880s, the famous Hotel Broadwater opened its doors for business. In addition to its stunning guest rooms and beautiful architecture, the hotel earned a name for itself by having the first indoor swimming pool. The hotel was destroyed by a devastating earthquake in 1935, but today the site is home to a much-loved outdoor swimming pool with a natural spring.

Due to its stunning landscapes and prosperous residents, Helena also developed a reputation for its outdoor activities, which were (and still are) a product of the city's proximity to the Rocky Mountains. Water sports, hiking, fishing, and other forms of recreational activities emerged in the city, and a nearby town was converted into a popular local ski center.

If you've never been to Philipsburg, Montana, you're missing out! With stunning mountain views, quaint shops, a charismatic town center, and easy access to some of the best outdoor recreational areas in the West, our charming town is a place you'll be proud to call home. Old World magic and modern living blend harmoniously in this distinct town, which is proud of its history and its universal appeal, including occasional celebrity sightings. On that note, here's a fun fact: actress Scarlett Johansson chose Philipsburg for her wedding! 

If a “simpler way of life,” and a “less corporate” way of living is what you're seeking, come to Townsend, Montana. Once you arrive, it won't take long to see why this picturesque Montana town is called the “Valley of Adventure.” Here you'll find small-town charm, friendly locals, and spectacular natural landscapes that are nature's quintessential playground. Time seems to slow down here when you're coming from the outside world, but that doesn't mean there's a shortage of things to do. In fact, quite the opposite is true. With places to sleep, shop, eat, and play while you're visiting, (and ultimately, once you move here), you'll never sit around twiddling your thumbs in Townsend.