Shop local.

The last thing you want to do after 8 hours at work is stop in a crowded and loud big box store.  That’s not the only reason to shop in locally owned stores.  By and large, keeping your money in your community is the top reason for shopping local businesses.

When you spend your dollar in your own community, it not only improves the local economy, it makes your community a better place to live.  Supporting local businesses helps those business owners support community groups.  Non-profit organizations receive 250% more support from small businesses than they do from corporate businesses.  Local business owners are also more invested in the community and are less likely to pack up and leave.  In turn, local business owners will invest their money in our community, creating more economic growth and increasing the efficiency of public services and the use of tax dollars. 

Locally owned shops are unique and carry an interesting array of items.  One of a kind businesses create character and draw more tourism to a community.  Additionally, you can buy what you want not what someone else wants you to buy.  Local shopping can be more convenient.  It’s much easier to park on the street and run into a small store than to park in a huge parking lot and enter a crowded store to purchase a single item.     

Small businesses are the largest employers nationally.  Not only more jobs are created, but smaller shops have better service since they can hire people with a better understanding of products and merchandise.  Close interaction with the seller can create a better product for you.  A small business owner could easily interact with you and get more specific with your needs.  Small businesses are generally not as rushed as big box stores and you can become more familiar with regular employees.  Who doesn’t want to shop where you know the employees and the employees know you?     

The bottom line on shopping locally is for every $100 spent, and average of $73 remains in the community.  In comparison, from that same $100 spent at a corporate, big box store an average of only $43 remain in the community.

Support your friends and neighbors, as well as, yourself by shopping at and receiving services from small, locally-owned businesses.    

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